The benchmark site for testing broken link checking tools.
There are 74 broken links on this page.

Example HTTP errors

The industry resource for broken website links. Use dead link checking tools such as with this site's URL ( to check that the errors reported are correct.

This page contains 74 intentionally bad HTML links, in order to verify that they are detected by various link-checking tools. The errors fall into a few broad categories:

See here for a list of the bad links on this page.

Test references within HTML tags.
Note that some of these tags may not be supported by all browsers.

  • Area/href:
  • Audio/src, Source/src:
  • Blockquote/cite
    This quote has an invalid 'cite' attribute.
  • Button/formaction:
  • Command/icon:
    missing icon
  • Del/cite:
    This deleted text has an invalid 'cite' attribute.
  • Embed/src:
  • Form/action:
  • Frame/src, Frame/longdesc:
    Frame with invalid src and longdesc
  • Head/profile:
    This page's 'head' tag has an invalid 'profile' attribute
  • HTML/manifest:
    This page's 'HTML' tag has an invalid 'manifest' attribute
  • Iframe/src, IFrame/longdesc:
  • Img/src, Img/longdesc:
    missing image
  • Input/src, Input/formaction:
  • Ins/cite:
    This inserted text has an invalid 'cite' attribute.
  • Link/href:
    This page's 'head' has a 'link' tag with an
    invalid 'href' attribute
  • Object/classid, object/codebase, object/data:
    missing classid, codebase, data
  • Q/cite:
    This quotation has an invalid 'cite' attribute.
  • Script/src:
    missing script
  • Video/poster, Video/src: